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The Truth about Beach Jewellery

Beach jewellery creates an image of tousled hair, ethnic beads and piles of bangles set with pretty stones on white sandy beaches.  In reality I wonder how practical is it to wear accessories to the beach?  I mean Brighton beach, not Ibiza.  I have enough trouble squeezing into a costume holding a towel between my teeth, without adding a matching necklace or chandelier earrings into the mix.

Then there’s the heat.  The stickiness of sun tan lotion, sweat, and my toddler's lolly covered hands does not inspire me to whip out a Swarovski wrap bangle to show off my - more pink than brown- tan.  Not to mention the interesting tan lines all this ‘layered’ bohemian style jewellery would look like.




However, if unlike me, you are likely to head out to watch the sunset while sipping a mojito or two, layer away.  This is my personal favorite piece which I will wear everywhere (except for the beach!)

Peacock Beaded Pendant

This is so pretty and will liven up the simplest of outfits.  Just throw on and go.  No fuss.