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Chiffon neck scarves are important fashion accessories and their versatility makes us appreciate them even more. You can wear them in any season or for any occasion. They can also be a part of your professional attire or make you look chic in casuals. 

Anna Sui's Spring/Summer Collection 2012 demonstrated how the humble headscarf can look fabulous and, when matching the tone to your outfit, can look stunning.

Florence Scarf Pink

Inject some colour into your Winter wardrobe with this pink, aqua and grey scarf.


Take off the Jewels!

The Truth about Beach Jewellery

Beach jewellery creates an image of tousled hair, ethnic beads and piles of bangles set with pretty stones on white sandy beaches.  In reality I wonder how practical is it to wear accessories to the beach?  I mean Brighton beach, not Ibiza.  I have enough trouble squeezing into a costume holding a towel between my teeth, without adding a matching necklace or chandelier earrings into the mix.

Then there’s the heat.  The stickiness of sun tan lotion, sweat, and my toddler's lolly covered hands does not inspire me to whip out a Swarovski wrap bangle to show off my - more pink than brown- tan.  Not to mention the interesting tan lines all this ‘layered’ bohemian style jewellery would look like.




However, if unlike me, you are likely to head out to watch the sunset while sipping a mojito or two, layer away.  This is my personal favorite piece which I will wear everywhere (except for the beach!)

Peacock Beaded Pendant

This is so pretty and will liven up the simplest of outfits.  Just throw on and go.  No fuss.


Posted by Lucy on 26th May 2017

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Could you work with your family?

Mother’s day is our favourite bank holiday here at All That Glitters as we are a family business and this year will be the first year we will have three generations of women!

We strive to offer glamour to all women and accessories really are a great addition to your outfits at any age.  Scarves can be very forgiving, add a bright scarf in your colour palette and your complexion will be instantly lifted.  Long necklaces can draw the eye down therefore making you appear taller and even thinner!  My mum and I often share our accessories and we are always raiding the stock at All That Glitters, much to my father’s despair.  But what girl wouldn’t change her handbag with every outfit when there is a whole shop’s worth of accessories to choose from?


Posted by Lucy on 25th February 2016

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Above the Knuckle... the new trend

The latest style craze is rings. Not one statement piece but as many as you dare wear, stacked at different heights above and below the knuckles. Layer textures and metal tones with tiny jewels, hanging charms and chains to be ahead of this trend.



This is wearable rock style at its best and even better news is all our rings are just £10.00 so you can mix and match to your hearts desire!

Posted by Lucy on 15th February 2015

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Monochrome: The New Black

Monochrome is everywhere, and this super flattering, easy to wear trend can be interpreted by everyone.  Wear head to toe black with white accessories for a sleek and fashionista look, or make the most of your holiday tan and stick to sharp white with a hint of black or grey.

Silhouettes should be strong with sports detailing such as lots of metal work, chunky zips and interesting fastenings.  Our enamel bangles are a great buy with their interlocking buckle which makes sizing no longer an issue.

Enamel Buckle Bangle

'Buckle up' with these beautiful enamel bangles.  They fasten with the unique buckle design and are size adjustable.

For handbags, we love the body bags which sit neatly and fuss free across you, ideal for when you're juggling a million things at once.  Think backpacks are just for school?  You're wrong, even super sophisticated designer Alexander Wang has them as a major part of his AW collection.



Posted by Lucy on 6th August 2014

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Summer's Looming!

Join in the biggest craze this Summer and start weaving your own 'loom band' bracelet. Keep the kids busy for hours over the Summer holidays with this affordable and strangely addictive bracelet kit. Not just for making bracelets you can also make animals, handbags and rings, the possibilities are endless!







Not just for children... we love the fishtail design bracelets that have a real festival feel. Click on the video link below to see how you can make yours. Layer up with silver bangles and other friendship style bracelets to really get that festival vibe going!

Think it looks hideously complicated- begin with one of our starter kits and before you know it you'll be personalising all your jewellery needs.

Loom Bracelet Starter Kit

"Loom" DIY rubber band bracelet kit, contains approx 600 solid bright colour rubber bands, peg stretching board, hook tool and instructions. Use the peg board and crochet hook to thread rubber bands together to make your own bracelet. A fantastic way to keep the kids busy in the Summer holidays!

Posted by Lucy on 9th June 2014

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